Peugeot had the opportunity

Joint venture partnership model based on the independent but their presence has gradually buy the stock. it is also one of the important strategies in the company's stock more than 50 percent over the past 10 years. According to the surveys, Renault in Romania, Morocco, Turkey, South Korea, Brazil and China has invested cooperation model based on the political and economic conditions of the country have been different. direct investment has changed. and employment and development of the country's car industry and its contribution to 3/99 percent. In this way, as it seems, become Renault's partnership model Jvyntvnchr to direct investment by experience that the company has in Brazil and Russia. Renault same way Vtvaz Russia's cooperation with the company. Accordingly, it is known as one of the most important strategies for investing in different countries Renault buy shares or property because of this manner causes, Renault will start production independently, so that the company's presence in India is probably also experience this issue. Despite a 50-50 joint venture with the company's desire to Hindi officials, but shortly after the country's automotive industry development, Hindi policymakers agreed with the independent production company. So Renault has a network of production, sales and after-sales services have their own. Since direct investment and a greater share of power to operate the company increases production so the French automaker prefers to work independently is established. Another important issue for managers of Renault, the export market for the product. Therefore the managers of these companies are focusing on cost-effective production and qualitative models of their day. now is also the symbol of the company is exported from Morocco to different countries. Cleos of the country concerned.
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