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Iran's readiness to supply more than 30 technological needs of the Russian automobile industry

In an interview with IRNA's economic reporter, referring to the prediction of Russia's "Automobility 2022" exhibition, Dr. Ebrahim Doostzadeh added: According to the explanations of the Iranian Embassy in Russia, Russians consider February 24, 2022 as a turning point in their working life. The date when sanctions started in this country and became severe.

He stated: Today, Russians tend to get acquainted with the methods used by Iran in past years in passing the sanctions.

This trade union official considered the 2022 Russian automobile exhibition as a unique opportunity for the country's automotive and auto parts manufacturing industries and said: Although the initial goal of the Ministry of SAMT and this association was the presence of several large auto parts manufacturing companies with 200 square meters of exhibition space, today we see the allocation of a dedicated pavilion, with are more than 1,700 square meters in size, which will show the power of the country's auto parts and manufacturing industry.

Doostzadeh pointed out that the Russians have introduced more than 30 parts, which are mainly electrical and electronic parts, as their needs and accordingly we have introduced some of the country's leading component manufacturers who have high technical knowledge and technology to the Russian side.

This member ISMAPA noted: It is also decided to display the power of Iranian auto parts manufacturers and car manufacturers, as well as the power of engineering design, technology and technical knowledge of the companies. Based on this, a center has been established as a technology transfer center in Iran's pavilion.

  He continued: We invited automobile and auto parts manufacturing companies that have the required ability in product design and engineering, production line, test and laboratory equipment, as well as in localization of technical knowledge, to present their capabilities in this center.

Doostzadeh stated: So far, 11 prominent companies, including eight auto parts manufacturers and three car manufacturers, have welcomed this event and will display the engineering capabilities of Iranian companies in the Iran pavilion, which will be a good opportunity to exchange technical knowledge and technology with the Russians and other countries present.

He reminded: More than 30 parts have been provided to the Russians according to a list, the vast majority of them have been produced in the country for years, and in a large part of them, we have achieved the technical knowledge of manufacturing and have been localized, and it is possible There is also the export of their technical know-how.

The head of the Quality Commission of ISMAPA said: In this exhibition, we can receive and identify technological requirements from Russian companies, and it will be a good opportunity to exchange technical knowledge and technology between Iranian and Russian companies.

He added: It is also possible that these parts and technological requirements will be produced under the license of Iranian companies or their production line will be established as a joint cooperation with Iran.

 Doostzadeh stated: "With all the mentioned cases, we are still behind the Chinese and Turks, and the producers of these countries have started the technological movement and meeting the needs of the Russians earlier than us."

 He expressed his hope that obstacles in laws and usual bureaucracies in the way of Iranian producers will be removed with the cooperation and coordination of the government so that the private sector can confidently produce and export its services and products.

The head of the Technical-Specialist Committee of the Iran Pavilion at the 2022 Automobile Exhibition described the presence of the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade and the accompanying delegation as very encouraging and promising in this period of the exhibition and expressed: this presence is a ground for the removal of obstacles from the way of production.

Doostzadeh emphasized: Considering that this is Iran's biggest exhibition event abroad after the revolution, and on the other hand, the Russian side's need us more, a very good opportunity has been provided to Iranian companies and it is expected with the help of the government and especially the consulates of the two countries and the private sector, this path would be simplified to achieve favorable results.

According to IRNA, the Russian Automobile Exhibition is held from August 31 to September 3, 1401 (equal to August 22 to 25, 2022) at the Moscow International Exhibition Center (Expo Center) with the presence of about 600 companies from 18 countries and in 30,000 square meters of exhibition space.

Iran is the only country that has the highest number of concentrated booths of a country in the Russian exhibition with more than 900 square meters of exhibition booths in a hall with an area of ​​1,700 square meters, which is unique in the history of overseas exhibitions.