Samfar Co. was founded in 1985 and is located in industrial Zone of Semnan Province.

The company first started to design and manufacture automated Lens Edge Grinding Machinery and now the company specializes in producing automotive sensors & switches. (OEM)

Since three decades ago so far, Samfar has made a big head way; Samfar Co gradually grows from a small workshop into a larger scale professional manufacturer of automotive parts.


Samfar abilities and achievements


Designing and making all production and laboratory equipments according to customer requirements and international standards.


Designing, reengineering and reverse engineering according to customer request and international standards.


Creating competitive advantage in production through localization of manufacturing technology.


Optimizing production lines by new technology. ( lean production , agility production )


Working as an industrial knowledge base company in designing products.


Creating technical knowledge for designing products and test equipments.

Certificates & Membership


Permitted by Iran Standard Organization to use standard logo on some products (base on necessity)


ISO/TS 16949 from IMQ Design and production of new sensors for EMS systems


ISO/TS 9001 from IMQ Design and production of new sensors for EMS systems


Membership of Research and Development center in ministry of industry


Accredited laboratory honored by Iran Standard Organization


Research and Development license from ministry of industry